Digital Savvy

Digital Savvy

Local newspapers have better content about our communities, and better relationships with our customers than any other media outlets.  It’s time we stop giving that away for free.

In South Bend, we are experimenting with different ways to leverage digital audience to build new revenue streams. Pay-meters, Google surveys, and tablet publications are some of the ways we are growing incremental digital dollars from our consumer audience.  

With our recent print price increase, we implemented a pay meter in front of our content, allowing only paid customers to have full access to our news and information.

Because our Notre Dame audience reaches a broad national geography, we decided to try Google surveys in front our sports coverage, gaining a nickel for every survey question answered.  In it’s first year, the survey is on pace to generate over $100,000.

Again, focusing on the geographic uniqueness of our Notre Dame audience, we published our first book to Kindle after the national championship run last year.  Beginning next season, we will broaden the reach of our weekly ND Insider tab by publishing it on tablet devices for annual subscription.